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Payroll and payroll services are perhaps some of the most important aspects of your business. For smaller businesses, it’s also an area often outsourced. It can be immensely cost effective to take this route. Most payroll services work on the basis of a monthly, not per hour, fee, and manage to create a working package that saves their customer high fees and the cost of a whole new salary they may not have needed to pay.

Of course, this does mean that you need to be sure your payroll service in Australia provides professional, audited services by competent personnel. You will need your books to be well maintained and the processes to be above board.

Why do payroll services save money?

In general, most small businesses do not actually have a large enough payroll to fully justify a new salary’s drain on the books- plus benefits, leave and more. However, it’s never really a good idea to have piecemeal work done on this vital aspect, and it’s not really suited to being someone’s secondary task. Plus, it’s a time consuming aspect of the day to day running of business, and not one that’s particular revenue generating. The smoother the payroll process, the happier your staff and the less time, energy and money spent on trying to get it right. For a monthly fee, it’s usually easier to simply outsource this aspect to professionals who know what they’re doing.

What should you look for in a payroll service?

Payroll services in Australia should only be run by regulated and certified accountants. Be sure not to just take their word for it! Rather check that the qualifications claimed are indeed held and that the firm is registered. You should receive regular, detailed reports into what they’re doing and how they do it, too. They should be fully versed in the sometimes complex laws surrounding tax reporting, and you have to have confidence that you will receive [or they will file] all relevant paperwork as and when it falls due.

A specialist service or a general bookkeeper?

This is, of course, going to depend very greatly on you and your company’s needs. If you are a very small firm, and if your bookkeeper offers the service, you may well want to use the same person for both tasks. It will increase their familiarity with your financial record and keep costs lower. However, for most medium and larger enterprises, a specialist payroll service in Australia will be the better way to go. Again, you want a focused and professional approach to this most important of company expenses. The company should be happy answering your questions, although we do encourage you not to try and micro-manage this outsourced service too much.

Do remember to be certain your paperwork is in order at all times. Even if the payroll service you opt for fails to file on time, you will be held liable under the law. Most payroll services in Australia are, however, highly professional businesses that will help you make the most of your company. You can know more at:

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